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Westminster provides wide range of Vehicle & Pedestrian Management

Westminster is pleased to have been selected to provide a traffic flow management solution to a leading UK construction company. As a leading provider of security equipment and managed services…

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Westminster Group Is A Leading Provider of EOD Equipment Around The World

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) is a critical service with highly dedicated operatives who need the very best-in-class equipment to undertake their challenging role. Westminster has long been recognised as a…

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Westminster Group Supply West African National Bank with X-Ray Screening Solutions and Training

Westminster is pleased to announce the supply of a range of X-Ray screening solutions for a National Bank in West Africa. Building on an existing relationship, the national bank based…

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Importance of Under Vehicle Screening

Westminster provide a wide range of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) in the UK and to organisations globally. For secure environments, such as critical infrastructure, military, and governmental buildings –…

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RF Window Protection Film

Our RF Window Protection film is a cost-effective method for mitigating espionage techniques. Compliant to a number of US radio frequencies, infrared and UV protection standards; the optically clear, surface…

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