Westminster provides wide range of Vehicle & Pedestrian Management

Westminster is pleased to have been selected to provide a traffic flow management solution to a leading UK construction company.

As a leading provider of security equipment and managed services worldwide, with an extensive portfolio of products and services, Westminster is well placed to assist companies’ and organisations with their pedestrian and vehicular access and security requirements.

Our extensive range of vehicle and Pedestrian Management solutions covers a wide range of requirements, from entry control, ANPR, Directional control and security barriers.

Working with numerous manufacturers, on a global scale, Westminster can source, install, and maintain vehicle and pedestrian management solutions – designed to meet your exact requirements.

For pedestrian management, we have a wide range of access control systems, automated gates and security entrance lanes.

Additionally, our vehicle management solutions include permanent and portable security barriers, parking revenue systems, ANPR and access control solutions.

Westminster also provides a comprehensive range of Ballistic Defence systems for vehicle management, such as mobile and bullet proof sentry boxes, bullet proof partition shields and ballistic sliding gates.

To find out more about Vehicle & Pedestrian Management, visit the dedicated section of our website, or alternatively email [email protected] or call us on +44 1295 756300