Westminster Arabia Attend The 2022 World Defence Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Westminster Arabia attended the World Defence Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this week (6th – 9th March 2022) alongside strategic partners and clients.

The show has been promoted as “the Global Stage for Defence Interoperability”. Founded by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries, the World Defence Show is a fully integrated and future-focused event, set to showcase the latest technological developments from around the globe and demonstrate defence interoperability across all domains.

Over four days, the exhibition showcased the latest, best in class, current and future defence technologies through exhibits, live demonstrations, conferences and seminars. In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 ambition to localize 50% of domestic military expenditure, Saudi Arabia aims to be at the forefront of future defence technologies making it an increasingly important catalyst for change shaping the future of defence.

Westminster Arabia’s Sales & Operations Manager, Richard Conlon, stated;

“The show has been a good opportunity for us to augment the group brand, make introductions, showcase products we supply, as well as to develop and cement relationships in the region. As a registered Saudi Arabian company, Westminster Arabia is well-positioned to leverage the opportunities and add value to the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.”