Importance of Under Vehicle Screening

Westminster provide a wide range of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) in the UK and to organisations globally.

For secure environments, such as critical infrastructure, military, and governmental buildings – the ability to ensure that the underside of each vehicle is checked for suspicious packages and items, as well as people trying to gain access into the facility undetected, is essential.

Westminster’s UVIS systems consist of two main types: permanent and portable. With a permanent solution, this can be installed into the road, or a raised section within the road. Portable systems can be either mains or battery powered and can be rapidly deployed for an event, or if used regularly but there is no ability to install a fixed solution.

UVIS systems are an advanced and highly accurate solution for the screening of the underside of vehicles when compared to traditional mirror methods. The systems are quicker and provide much more detail, with the option to save and review the images. Some UVIS solutions can even store images and automatically compare them to previous visits of the same vehicle – identifying any changes which may be a cause for concern.

Our specialist team have the ability to specify the most suitable product to meet your requirements. For more information, see our UVIS page or alternatively contact our team for more information, or a no-obligation trial of our portable battery-powered solution.