RF Window Protection Film

Our RF Window Protection film is a cost-effective method for mitigating espionage techniques.

Compliant to a number of US radio frequencies, infrared and UV protection standards; the optically clear, surface applied film coating aids a secure working environment by attenuating eavesdropping attacks, as well as providing protection as a Thermal Imaging Defence System. 

The shielding technology provides a high level of RF and IR prevention, as well as added security for WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technologies – delivering privacy whilst having no impact on high visibility out of the windows, their energy efficiency, spall control or UV reduction.

Nathalie L. Arndt, Senior Sales Consultant for German Subsidiary GLIS GmbH;

“Westminster and GLIS GmbH provide a wide range of security solutions. RF protection film is popular with military, police and governmental institutions and is a highly cost-effective solution to prevent information being accessed or distributed from secure locations.”

The group recently supplied a number of anti-eavesdropping window protection solutions to an organisation in Finland.

RF blocking technology is available in: Film, Glass, Polycarbonate Mesh and foil for architectural shielding.

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