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Importance of Under Vehicle Screening

Westminster provide a wide range of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) in the UK and to organisations globally. For secure environments, such as critical infrastructure, military, and governmental buildings –…

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RF Window Protection Film

Our RF Window Protection film is a cost-effective method for mitigating espionage techniques. Compliant to a number of US radio frequencies, infrared and UV protection standards; the optically clear, surface…

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What Measures Can Schools Take To Prevent The Threat Of Knife Carrying And Related Assaults?

During the lockdowns in the UK since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has tragically been a surge in knife-related crimes amongst young people. Figures from 2021 have recorded…

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Bomb Blankets Explained

How can you suppress a suspected bomb in a public or commercial setting? Bomb Blanket and Safety Circle are the most cost effective and easy to use solutions currently available…

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Same Day PCR Test Now Available

Westminster Group’s Covid testing partner Certific is now offering a SAME DAY testing service in London. The new service is in response to the updated testing requirements for all international…

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