Westminster continue to offer an increasing number of remote training packages

Westminster’s ‘remote training’ packages allow you to attend training from your place of work, whether that is in your work office or your new office at home.

The CAA are now permitting certain training packages to be delivered remotely. Following the CAA guidelines and requirements, we have developed our training to ensure you are provided with effective remote training of the highest quality.

Our innovative methodologies will still provide realism and relevance, but also ensure all learners have full interaction with the trainer and class to benefit from each other.

Online training can also benefit the employer and employee in equal parts; training is provided at a safe location with no risk of coronavirus transmission, staff can be trained at short notice, minimal staff downtime. Additionally, the employer can also make additional savings where provision for travel and hotels would normally be required.

Currently, the CAA permit remote training for some complete courses and parts of others, so please get in touch for up to date information on what training you can receive remotely, and allow us to assist you with your training needs in the following courses:

  • GSAT(General Security Awareness Training)
  • GSO(Ground Security Operative)
  • GSS(Ground Security Supervisor)
  • ASM(Aviation Security Manager)
  • Cargo(RA) (Regulated Agent)
  • Cargo(KC) (Known Consignor)
  • IFS (In-Flight Supplies)
  • HBR (Hold Baggage Reconciliation)
  • Aircrew Security Training
  • Airport Supplies
  • Aircraft search

To find out more, please visit our online training platform or email us at [email protected].