Westminster supply Under Vehicle Inspection Equipment to Trinidadian Tactical Solutions Company

Westminster have recently fulfilled a contract to supply a Trinidadian company with a number of our Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems.

Westminster’s vehicle security systems are used for the inspection of vehicles once they arrive on secure premises such as government agencies, customs, and military bases. The equipment’s intelligent operation facilities and high through-put make them ideal for the necessary quick inspection of vehicles at such locations.

The WG 108 Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) provides maximum protection for high-risk facilities. The WG 108 UVIS System is lightweight and portable, ensuring fast and easy deployment anywhere, and its durable, weather-resistant aluminium block camera enclosures make it ideal for use both outdoors and under a cover.

Fully featured and highly flexible, the WG 108 provides security professionals with a more cost-effective mobile solution to vehicle inspections when compared to permanent installations. It has 8 full-colour, sensor-activated video inspection cameras which enable personnel to focus their attention on image analysis.

For facilities requiring maximum vehicle inspection security, the WG 108 Under Vehicle Inspection System features an optional number plate recognition capability, providing unprecedented levels of security and confidence.

A number of these WG 108 UVIS Systems were recently supplied to a Trinidadian Tactical Solutions Company to be deployed at high-security locations across the country.

To find out more about Westminster’s UVIS products or any of our other Vehicle Inspection Systems, please visit the Inspection & Search section of our website, or email us at [email protected].