Westminster’s X-Ray Scanners and Handheld Metal Detectors supplied to a company in India

Westminster recently provided a procurement and sourcing agency in the UK with an X-Ray Scanner and a number of our Handheld Metal Detectors. The agency supplies a complete range of industrial, agricultural, mechanical, electrical and IT products to companies across the world.

The WG IS6040 X-Ray Small Baggage and Parcel Scanner is a scanner designed for screening hand baggage and small parcels at airports and other high-security locations. Its 160kV generator and 39mm steel penetration provides it with unsurpassed image quality and field reliability. High-resolution scans and best-in-class software allow operators to recognise objects, identify materials and isolate threats with greater speed and accuracy.

Westminster supplied a number of WG 11V Handheld Metal Detectors alongside the WG IS6040. The WG 11V is a handheld detector, designed to screen people for metal contraband on high-security premises such as airports and prisons. It has a simultaneous audio/ visual alarm capacity and the ability to switch between an audible alarm and a vibration only mode. These features make it ideal for use in busy environments where quick, efficient screening is required, and where an operator wishes to keep eye-contact with the person being screened during the search procedure.

These products have since been supplied to a company in India and will be used to screen humans and baggage for metal contraband items.

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