Westminster graded Outstanding by the UK Civil Aviation Authority

We are pleased to announce that Westminster has been graded as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas covered during the CAA audit for the second year running.

The unprecedented challenges we have faced in recent times have tested us all in the Aviation industry, and we are proud to be able to continue to support our customers and colleagues with a dedicated and professional team built on a proven foundation of quality-assured, effective training. The audit is for all registered Aviation Security training providers who must achieve pre-determined grades in order to deliver Aviation Security training in the UK.

Another great result that allows Westminster to continue to offer a full range of Aviation Security courses:

  • GSAT (General Security Awareness Training)
  • GSO (Ground Security Officer)
  • GSS (Ground Security Supervisor)
  • ASM (Aviation Security Manager)
  • Cargo (Regulate Agent)
  • Cargo (Known Consignor)
  • IFS (In-Flight Supplies
  • AS (Airport Supplies)
  • AST (Aircrew Security Training)
  • HBR (Hold Baggage Reconciliation)
  • Aircraft search
  • Landside awareness

Commenting on the achievement Westminster’s Training and Compliance Director, Paul Morton, said:

“We pride ourselves on the expertise and commitment shown by our team here at Westminster, their response to the changing times ensures we innovate and are there to provide the support our clients require”

If you require CBT, remote or face-to-face initial or refresher training, please get in touch at [email protected] for more information or advice.