Westminster Group provides Temperature and Metal detectors to leading healthcare company

Westminster have recently fulfilled a repeat order of multiple WG320 Temperature and Metal Detectors to a company in Puerto Rico that supplies equipment and medical supplies to hospitals, clinics, treatment centres and government agencies across the world.

The WG 320 Walkthrough Temperature and Metal Detector combines temperature detection with the detection of metal objects hidden on the body, including weapons, adding a further level of security to a facility.

The walkthrough system can detect two or more objects concealed in different parts of the body, and the locations of contraband are displayed and illuminated by LED lights on either side of the unit. The WG 320 also provides the ability to randomly alarm on a selected range of individuals to incorporate spot checks.

The unit also has the capability to record up to 50,000 facial images and can synchronise with the individual’s temperature in order to capture and establish data information related to temperature detection.

The units will be used to screen individuals to check their temperature and for any metal contraband concealed on their person. This dual-level of detection will increase the safety of the environment that they are deployed in.

To find out more about the WG 320 Temperature and Metal Detector, or any of our other detection products, please visit the Detection page of our website or email us at [email protected].