Are you responsible for a public space? What the new Protect Duty legislation could mean for you

Protect Duty is part of the Government’s initiative to improve protective security and safety at public spaces and events. The Government intends to set out a legal framework for ‘publicly accessible locations’ to ensure that they are prepared for and protected against terrorist attacks.

Protect Duty is currently in its consultation period, which will end in July. The Government are working with outside organisations including counter-terror police in order to seek views on:

·        Exactly who the Duty should apply to

·        What will be required of stakeholders

·        How compliance should work

The public spaces that are likely to be affected by the new legislation include:

·        sports stadiums

·        festivals

·        music venues

·        hotels

·        pubs

·        clubs

·        bars

·        casinos

·        high streets

·        retail stores

·        shopping centres and markets

·        schools and universities

·        medical centres and hospitals

·        places of worship

·        government offices

·        job centres

·        transport hubs

·        parks

·        beaches

·        public squares and other open spaces

If you are responsible for one of the above spaces, you may be required by law to have plans in place to prepare and protect against terror attacks. Among the proposals being discussed during the consultation are:

·        The introduction of clear counter-terrorism action plans

·        The requirement to have counter-terrorism training for all event staff

·        Risk assessments to understand the vulnerability of the space

·        More thorough security checks, including bag screening

Westminster Group can provide a bespoke, cost-effective solution that meets all government requirements. We can provide clients with a complete service, including threat and risk assessments; equipment and manning services; and full training to all existing staff.

To find out more about Protect Duty and what Westminster can offer you, please contact us at [email protected]