Westminster supply Multinational Aerospace and Security Company with X-Ray Mail Scanners

Westminster have recently fulfilled a contract to supply a British Aerospace and Security Company with a number of 5335S X-Ray Baggage, Mail and Small Parcel Scanners. As part of the contract, Westminster have also provided specialist training to all staff involved in operating these machines.

The 5335S X-Ray Mail & Small Parcel Scanner has been designed for screening mail, backpacks, purses, and small packages. With its small, compact footprint, the system can operate in confined spaces and fit through standard doorways for easy relocation.

The system’s sophisticated screening filters means that operators can perform a full analysis, allowing them to reliably identify threats while ensuring high throughput at even the busiest checkpoints.

The 5335S X-Ray Scanner features the best in compact checkpoint security, providing high-quality images and greater protection for mailrooms, hotels, and other sites requiring advanced threat detection.

The multinational company will deploy these scanners in the mailroom at the naval base in Portsmouth. They will be used to screen all mail and packages that enter the premises for any hidden contraband items.

Our training course will also enable the operators to gain a broader understanding of cargo and mail security measures, again improving the safety of the environment.

To find out more about Westminster’s Mail Scanners, please visit our Screening & X-Ray section of our website or contact us at [email protected]