Did you know that search mirrors are some of our biggest sellers?

Some of Westminster’s most popular products are Under Vehicle Inspection products and Search Mirrors.

Search mirrors are designed for viewing inaccessible areas both inside and outside of vehicles in domestic, commercial and government premises for contraband items.

They can be used for a wide range of applications, with many mirrors being specifically designed for use in a particular environment to allow the user to easily access areas that are normally difficult to view, such as under a high vehicle, loft areas, and under doors.

Some of the most common applications of our search mirrors are in prisons and the police force, but Westminster also supply them to the military and private sector security companies within the UK and worldwide.

In the last two years, Westminster have supplied our search mirrors to countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Gibraltar, Qatar, India, and Cameroon. These mirrors are used across the world to make it easier to search for contraband.

Westminster recently supplied the UK Home Office with a number of our Lightweight Crutch Search Mirrors and Telescopic Handles for Search Mirrors with Torches for use by the Border Force.

To find out more about Westminster’s Search Mirrors, or any of our other Vehicle Inspection or Search Equipment, please visit the Inspection & Search product section of our website, or contact us at [email protected].