Westminster supplies full product solutions to multinational specialty chemicals and sustainable technologies company

Westminster are proud to be able to supply full product solutions to our customers. Recently, we fulfilled a contract to upgrade a number of existing 6040 and 7858 X-Ray scanners, which we previously supplied to a global science and chemicals company, and continue to maintain.

The 6040 X-Ray Small Baggage & Parcel Scanner has been designed for screening Hand Baggage, such as backpacks, and small parcels. With proven field reliability and unsurpassed image quality, its best-in-class software allows operators to recognise objects, identify materials, and isolate threats with greater speed and accuracy.

The 7858 X-Ray Baggage Scanner is a compact X-Ray Inspection System with a small footprint and wide tunnel dimensions, ideal for screening large baggage and parcels at sites with limited space. Its greater clarity and material discrimination increases throughput and accuracy, making it the perfect solution for customs, law enforcement, aviation, and infrastructure.

These upgrades will allow operators to screen for contraband more effectively in parcels and baggage that are brought into the building. The additional software can help to provide an unmatched level of safety.

Westminster can also supply a range of specialist training to ensure that operators gain a broader understanding of mail and baggage security measures.

To find out more about our X-Ray products please click here to view the Screening & X-Ray section of our website. To enquire about our bespoke solutions please visit the Solutions page or contact us at [email protected]. For a list of training courses, please click here to visit our dedicated training catalogue.