New Contract Award – Vietnam

Hand Held Combined Explosives – Narcotics Detectors & EOD Suits

 Westminster Group Plc announces that its Technology Division subsidiary Westminster International Ltd has secured a contract for the supply of Combined Explosive – Narcotic Detectors & EOD Suits to a company supplying government sectors in Vietnam.

The Combined Hand Held Detectors are dual mode, operating in either vapour or particulate sampling modes, with a capability of detecting TNT, RDX, NG, PETN, EGDN, HMX and UN explosives together with Cocaine, Opiates, THC and Amphetamine-type stimulants.

The EOD Cooling Suits provide a high level of protection to Bomb Disposal personnel, they are made of waterproof-treated kevlar HT enclosed in a special water-resistant and anti-ultraviolet membrane with ballistic inserts, the outer cover is supplied in flame retarding anti-cut nomex.

Westminster’s experience, expertise and international presence means Government and companies around the world, such as this, are able to procure specialist services and equipment from a known and trusted source with confidence.

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