Westminster Group supply Bomb Blast Glass Protection Film to British Company

Glass is extremely dangerous in the event of an explosion. Westminster’s Bomb Blast Glass Protection Film is designed for challenging environments where there is a threat risk such as an attack, vandalism, and forced entry; and where a high level of solar control is needed, without compromising the appearance of the building.

In the event of an explosion or a bomb, Westminster’s Bomb Blast Protection Film will protect the glass which would otherwise be extremely vulnerable. This protection could significantly reduce the risk of injury to people both inside and outside of the building, help reduce the damage to the property, and deter thieves.

Westminster’s Glass Protection Film absorbs energy from an impact or explosion. The film holds broken glass in place and prevents shards of glass from flying out of the frame.

Our film can be used in both commercial and residential applications and also minimises the solar and glare hotspots for the comfort of the people within the building.

Another benefit of Westminster’s Blast Film is that it can save energy and money on air-conditioning.

Westminster Group recently supplied some of our Blast Film to a British décor company. It will be distributed across the country and used to protect various buildings from an explosion.

To find out more about or various types of Bomb Blast Glass Protection Film, or any of our other bomb protection products, please visit the EOD/IDEDD Products section of our website, or email us at [email protected].