Westminster provides Bhutan’s Anti-Corruption Commission with Specialist Recording Equipment

Westminster has recently supplied the Anti-Corruption Commission in Bhutan with Portable Interview recording equipment.

Westminster’s audio recorders are designed for use in law enforcement interviews, including in the police, courts, customs, the military, and child advocacy services.

The WG 600 Portable Interview Recorder is a high-definition recording device with dual screens, allowing one screen to face the interviewee in order to display evidence. The WG 600 is equipped with two cameras and four microphones to simultaneously capture video and audio on scene. The rugged case, ability to record video and audio to a hard disk, and the 1-minute sealing time, which reduces the risks of falsification, all make it an ideal recording device to be used out in the field.

Westminster Group supplied a WG 600 Portable Interview Recorder to Bhutan’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

Bhutan is officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan and is located in the Eastern Himalayas, bordering China and India. It has a population of over 754,000 and a territory of 38,394 square kilometres.

The Anti-Corruption Commission was established in Bhutan in 2005. The commission has a vision to strive towards building a happy, harmonious, and corruption-free society.

Their mission is to eliminate corruption through leading by example and making anti-corruption strategies more mainstream in all public and private organisations.

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