Keeping Construction Safe

The construction industry underpins our economy and society, with a great impact on communities across the UK. Few industries have the same potential to provide and create so many different jobs.

Construction is an industry that Westminster have been protecting since long before the Coronavirus pandemic. Our manned security division, Keyguard, has been providing security services to construction sites across the UK since 2006.

Keyguard have years of experience providing guarding services across a broad spectrum of sectors. Through Keyguard, Westminster offer Guarding Services, Vehicle & K9 Patrols and Consultancy services. Static Guarding is a vital part of any business that requires a constant security presence. Guards must have the relevant qualifications and natural ability to secure premises during overnight deployments and are often required to operate as the customers’ initial interface on site. Westminster provides guards with the correct qualifications and training to be able to protect premises at any time of day.

As well as static guarding, Keyguard also offer remote area security. Protecting large remote locations is not typical of any other form of security, because in rural locations with large open areas criminals have a much safer haven to carry out their operations. Keyguard’s 24-hour protection means that any property, machinery, equipment, and employees on the premises will be safer.

Westminster and Keyguard provide a Vehicle Patrol Service alongside our Manned Guarding Service. The Vehicle Patrols have the ability to cover large areas or spread out locations. K9 dog patrols with highly trained guard dogs and fully qualified and licensed handlers can also be distributed, in order to help keep premises safe and secure.

Keyguard is not the only division that can help to protect the construction industry. Covid-19 has had a global impact on the construction industry, with projects facing supply chain issues and halts to planning. These changes are impacting businesses and family life across the world. Westminster’s range of Coronavirus protection products can be used to enhance social distancing measures and minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Westminster’s WG 420 Body Temperature & Sanitiser combines two of the important steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 into one, compact, space-saving system. It provides little inconvenience or for the people being screened and is well-suited for significant gathering points. The WG 420 has a pass rate of 60 people per minute and an accuracy of ± 0.3°C.

Fever screening stations are self-contained and portable, so they can be set-up in temporary locations very quickly. Single units can operate as primary mass screening stations as well as secondary screening stations. The hand sanitiser application is a focal point for this system with individuals and crowds being drawn to it as the culture of using hand sanitiser increases.

Westminster have a range of Coronavirus protection products, including fever detection systems and a catalogue of various sanitising stations. To learn more about any of these products, please visit the Health and Safety section of our website, or contact us at [email protected].