Westminster supply theatre with Temperature Detection Equipment to help them reopen safely

Westminster have recently fulfilled a repeat order to provide a theatre in Wiltshire with a number of WG 420s to help them reopen safely now that the government’s road map is moving forward.

The WG 420 Body Temperature Detector and Sanitiser can be used as a first-level screening test for precisely checking the temperature of visitors and staff. It can accurately identify individuals that have an above-normal body temperature, that could indicate the presence of flu variants or other viruses, including COVID-19. The unit also benefits from an integrated hand sanitiser dispenser, helping to encourage customers to return to the theatre once it reopens.

The WG 420 is self-contained and portable, so can be set up in temporary locations and moved around the premises if necessary. The accuracy of ±0.3℃ and pass rate of 60 people per minute makes it an ideal choice for many different organisations to help them reopen safely during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The podium style unit is versatile, unobtrusive, and can be integrated into other security systems. The WG 420 provides an optional face ID system that is able to ensure that only recognised faces are granted access.

The WG 420 will be used by the theatre to screen visitors and staff. The system also incorporates a hand sanitiser dispenser, meaning that the WG 420 systems are ideal for use on the doors once the theatre reopens in July.

To find out more about the WG 420, or any of our other Temperature Detection solutions, please visit the Health and Safety products page on our website, or email us at [email protected]