Westminster provide London College with Security Screening Systems

Westminster have recently fulfilled a contract to provide a top London college with a range of security screening products. One such product will be used at their specialist training centre. The units will deployed across the campus to help train 16–18-year-olds interested in joining the security sector on how to search and screen people and baggage for contraband items.

Westminster’s Rapid Deployable Walkthrough Metal Detector is ideal for use by security personnel to detect metallic weapon or contraband items hidden on an individual.

The unit features an LED bar graph that indicates the strength of the target and includes a multi-mode traffic counter. There is an environmentally sealed keypad with security access control and a memory feature which enables the unit to be operated in multiple environments.

The unit is easily disassembled with an assembly/disassembly time of just 5 minutes, and can be transported without difficulty due to the in-built wheels and pulling handle. In addition to real-world training, the ease of deployment is of great benefit to private institutions, security services, the police and military applications across the globe.

To find out more about the Rapid Deployable Walkthrough Metal Detector, or any of our other metal detectors, please visit the Detection Products page on our website or contact us at [email protected]