Westminster International announces Pipeline Security Leak Detection System… a world-exclusive dual purpose system!

The “Dual Purpose” Pipeline Security/Leak Detection System is an entirely new advanced early warning system for the detection of third party interference (TPI) tampering and illegal tapping attempts as well as locating leaks in buried oil, gas and liquid pipelines.

Leaks, damage, illegal tapping and sabotage to pipelines is a world wide problem costing pipeline operators millions per year in disruption and lost production, not to mention loss of life that often occurs. Westminster’s unique solution to the problem is to provide a dual purpose Pipeline Security & Leak Detection system utilising a single fibre-optic cable run adjacent to the pipeline. This system allows the detection of illegal tapping or sabotage of the pipeline, whilst also providing the benefit of real-time monitoring against any ruptures or leaks.

The system will detect third party interference and pinpoint the location to within a few metres anywhere along the pipeline regardless of distance. The system is 100% intrinsically safe, immune to RFI and EMF interference, requires no analysers or power supply units to be installed within the field and can cover up to 60km from a singe control point. Multiple controllers can be networked together to monitor pipelines thousands of kilometres in length.

More information on Westminster’s worlds-first "dual purpose" solution is available here.