Two Recommended Vehicle Inspection Products for Prisons

It is essential to ensure the highest level of security in prisons, and the use of modern search equipment could be useful in preventing incidents in the future. Westminster has several recommended products.

The WG100 Under Vehicle Portable CCTV Inspection Unit

Comprising of a full colour/infrared waterproof screen attached to a telescopic pole, the handheld unit reaches up to 4metres. It boasts a viewing distance of up to 50cm in daylight and 20cm incomplete darkness.

The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS)

A rapidly deployable unit with four full colour cameras that create one HD composite image of the vehicles underside.

Additionally, having experienced ex-prison service professionals on the team can provide insights and expertise on appropriate solutions for high-risk facilities. If you’re interested in finding out more about our product range, Westminster is on-hand via [email protected]