Sovereign Ferries Acquire New Flagship Vessel for West Africa Ferry Operations

Sovereign Ferries, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Westminster Group, has announced today that it has acquired a Flagship vessel to head up its West African Ferry Service.

The impressive vessel which is 38.9m long and 9.4m wide is capable of carrying 200 passengers in complete comfort at speeds of up to 33 kts. This means that the journey time of the main ferry route across the Sierra Leone River estuary, between the International Airport and the city of Freetown, will be cut from around 40 minutes currently to just 15 minutes. In addition, as the vessel is capable of taking a plane load of passengers in one go, the waiting time for airline passengers wanting to cross to the mainland will be reduced from up to 2 hours to just a few minutes with a dedicated bus service running between the airport and ferry terminals.

The vessel is also a fully equipped sea going craft and will be capable of providing fast ferry services around the coast extending transport links and facilitating a return of tourism.

Photos: Sovereign Ferries New Flagship Ferry, ‘Sierra Queen’

Sovereign Ferries Sierra  Queen