Falcon Group International Appointed Westminster Agent in Egypt

Westminster is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Westminster International Ltd has appointed Falcon Group International as an agent for Westminster in Egypt.

Falcon Group International with Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt is one of the country’s leading companies in the field of Security, Facilities Protection and Support, Rapid Security Deployment, Cash in Transit Transfer, Public Services, Security Project Management together with Technical and Security Support.

The Falcon Group with over 12,000 employees has a diverse range of clients in different market segments Government, Industrial, Commercial, Financial and Tourism.

Falcon holds a sustainable market share of major financial institutions including more than 26 Banks as well as many diplomatic organisations such as the United Nations and Arabic Embassies.

Falcon Group is responsible for the security of more than 1,250 facility sites in Egypt.

Commenting on the appointment Laurence Summers, Westminster International’s Ltd Sales Director, said:

“Security requirements in Egypt continue to be a high priority and we believe that over the next few years there will be a high demand for Westminster’s wide range of security products and services”.

” Falcon Group International is extremely well placed to take advantage of the extensive potential business opportunities that exist within Egypt and I am delighted with their appointment as Westminster’s Agent for the country”.