New Contract Award – Southeast Asia

Westminster Group Plc is pleased to announce that its Technology Division subsidiary Westminster International Ltd has secured a contract for the supply of a number of Walk-By Metal & Cell Phone Detectors for installation at a facility in a Southeast Asian country.

These systems will detect moving ferromagnetic objects, they can also be optimised for cellular phone detection. Cell phones are increasingly manufactured with reduced metal content, making detection using conventional metal detectors less certain, cellular phones do however still contain ferromagnetic components that can be detected.

These systems will also detect many other contraband items such as blades, shanks, radio receivers and transceivers. In operation, they require no user input, they automatically compensate for external electrical and mechanical interference such as lights, doors, vehicles etc.

They will also indicate contraband items hidden in body cavities.

Follow this link to see a range of Walk-By Metal & Cell Phone Detectors