New Contract Award – Logistics Operation, Major UK Airport

Westminster Group Plc is pleased to announce that its Technology Division subsidiary Westminster International Ltd.

has secured a contract valued at approximately £300k for the supply of a Dual View Cargo Pallet X-Ray Screening Solution for an air cargo logistics operation at a major UK Airport.

The scanner utilises dual view technology which views objects from two angles – an “up shooting” view from beneath the object and a “side shooting” view from the side, providing the operator with an improved ability to view odd-shaped objects and to identify potential threats more quickly and easily than by using a single-view system.

The scanner is equipped with high-powered generators for improved image screening and increased penetration. It has 6 Colour Imaging which enables operators to view screened objects in 6 colours, with each colour correlating to a specific range of Atomic Z-Numbers. 6 Colour Imaging enables operators to achieve optimal material identification and improve throughput with more effective screening technology. This scanner has been specifically designed for in-depth screening clarity of air cargo.

Westminster’s experience, expertise and international presence means that companies and governments around the world are able to procure specialist security services and equipment from a known and trusted source with confidence.

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