New Contract Award: Perimeter Protection Systems in Yemen!

Westminster Group Plc announces a new contract award to supply their specialist perimeter detection system across a multi site operation of a global energy company operating in Yemen.

The contract valued at US$900,000 was awarded to Westminster following an international tender process. The installation of specialist detection systems will disrupt any attempted intrusion by climbing, cutting or lifting of the perimeter fencing around the sites, each of which is several kilometres in length.

Westminster’s specialist perimeter detection system can be fitted to perimeter fencing structures or covertly buried below the ground, providing very high levels of detection whilst advanced filtering technology eliminates most causes of false alerts.

The system is capable of monitoring tens or even hundreds of kilometres of perimeter or border fencing without the need for any ‘in field’ electronics, power supplies or analysers and yet can pinpoint the location of any incident to within a few metres.

The contract, which will be managed in conjunction with the company’s new Middle East office, will commence immediately, with the installation expected to last for several months.

Commenting on the latest contract awards, Peter Fowler, Chief Executive of Westminster Group, said: "I am delighted that our international division has secured this important new contract, which will help secure our client’s personnel and infrastructure at key sites in this troubled part of the world.

The contract award demonstrates Westminster’s growing international reputation and, in this case particularly, was won as a result of our ability to respond quickly to the client’s needs. I am sure that this high profile project will lead to further significant contract awards, both in perimeter security and in the region".