Launch of a new range of Cargo & Pallet X-Ray Scanning systems

227_eng_262Westminster Group Plc announces the launch of a new range of Cargo & Pallet X-Ray Scanning systems.

The advanced range of X-Ray Cargo & Pallet Scanners are capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives and narcotics using unique 6 colour software which significantly enhances the operator’s ability to identify suspicious items.

All of the models are available with “Dual View” Technology that views objects from two angles – a “down shooting” view from above the object and a “side shooting” view from the side. This is fast becoming a requirement of airlines throughout the world that all Cargo & Pallets are screened using Dual View X-Ray Scanners.

The majority of these X-Ray Scanners are TSA Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology Listed (ACSQTL).

View this range of systems.