Iraq Additional Contract

Westminster International has secured an additional contract for the provision of security enhancements to its ThruPORT project deployed at airports within Iraq.

ThruPORT is a complete self contained scanning solution, built within a specialised ISO shipping container which is rapidly deployable and can be shipped throughout the world. Once it has arrived on site the unit can be set up and fully operational within hours.

All systems are remotely controlled and monitored from a safe distance together with CCTV surveillance and audio communications links. Should a suspect device be detected, the person can be directed to a separate ‘safe’ blast controlled search area.

Typical deployment would be some distance from the main building, such as an airport terminal, to ensure that potential blast damage is minimised through its containment in a controlled environment. The system can, in addition, be deployed together with Westminster’s vehicle scanning solutions for applications such as border checkpoints.

Each unit contains sophisticated people and baggage scanning solutions allowing for a high throughput of persons, whilst still maintaining a high degree of security. A typical security check would be for a person to enter the unit through a controlled door, depositing their baggage on a conveyor belt leading to an x-ray scanner. The person proceeds along a corridor and through a metal and weapon detection archway. At this time the person is being scanned by a passive standoff terahertz imaging unit which will detect hidden weaponry or substances concealed under clothing, without any loss of privacy. Once the person has passed along the corridor they then pass through a second door into the next corridor where they collect their scanned baggage and leave through another controlled exit door.

Further details on the Westminster ThruPORT solution may be found on their website here.