Essex Businesses Donate Walk-Through Metal Detector to Local Police

King Pins Bowling, based in Southend-on-Sea, have generously donated a CEIA OPENGATE Weapons Detection System to the Essex Police.

This portable walk-through solution allows advanced mass screening of threats, ranging from metallic weapons to IED devices. Weighing at 11kg per pillar, OPENGATE can be quickly deployed and located in all weather conditions, and additionally allows remote management via the mobile app.

Westminster Group’s Head of Sales, Lorraine Hellend, said:

“Westminster Group is very pleased that following successful trials and purchase of OPENGATE by Essex Police in 2022 that they could further assist in supplying King Pins Bowl with an additional OPENGATE unit in order for it to be donated to Essex Police.

This has been done with the goal of reducing knife crime in the city of Southend and Westminster couldn’t have been happier to supply the OPENGATE.”

Essex Police have stated OPENGATE is proving effective at disrupting people carrying weapons.

“The OPENGATE is so much better for street tactics than what we’ve had previously. We can deploy it far more often than we could a knife arch and the feedback from members of the public has been fantastic.

They have successfully detected knives and picked up weapons where people have seen the deployment and discarded items before they’ve got to it.”

To find out more information about CEIA’s OPENGATE product, you can enquire with our team here: Product Enquiry (