What You Need to Know About Martyns Law Sound Event Detector

Martyns Law (previously known as ‘Protect Duty’) is a hot topic within the security industry, with a draft Bill having been released in May.

Upon release of this new legislation, public venues within the UK will be expected to prepare counter-terror measures by way of integrated security systems, improved staff training and clearer processes in the event of a terror attack. These publicly accessible locations (or ‘PALs’) include industries such as entertainment ,sports, music, retail, food and drink, education, visitor attractions, places of worship and healthcare.

Westminster are proud to be able to offer advice on products, training and solutions to help your business prepare ahead of the implementation of Martyns Law. One of the many solutions that we can offer is an intelligent, removeable system called the WG Sound Event Detection Solution; a discreet device which can be fitted to external infrastructure such as buildings or lamp posts. It will pick up sounds which are atypical in its usual environment, such as gunshots or other elevated noises like screaming crowds, and then alert operators who can triage the event to emergency services within a much more rapid response time. This leads to fewer false alarms, faster responses and more lives being saved.

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