WG 520 Thermal Screening in Schools

Fever screening is an important part of managing large numbers of people, especially in environments such as schools, where students are less likely or unable to practice social distancing.

Schools can have a large impact on local virus outbreaks as some students return home daily, exponentially increasing the number of people in contact.

The WG 520 is a non-obtrusive screening system which provides no inconvenience or interruption for the majority of those being screened.

The rapidly deployable system uses thermal imaging to detect those potentially infected with highly contagious viruses such as Coronavirus Covid-19, Flu, Ebola, Norovirus and Sars.

Westminster Group have supplied the WG 520 to educational establishments worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the USA.

The WG 520 allows for students, teachers and visitors to be thermally scanned without the need to stop or slow the flow of people. The ability to quickly identify potential carriers of Coronavirus is a key factor when determining the safe return of students to schools.

For more information about the WG 520 visit the dedicated product page, or to discuss this product further, please contact our technical team on 01295 756300 or email [email protected]