Westminster Trials Mass Screening Solution in Central London

Westminster is pleased to announce the commencement of a trial for mass screening solutions will take place during December 2021, at an undisclosed high security location in central London.

With terrorist attacks targeting mass gatherings of people, such as the Manchester bombing in the UK and the Bataclan music hall massacre in France, on the increase the mass screening of visitors to sports and entertainment venues, shopping malls, rally’s, or anywhere that involves large numbers of people is essential.

In the UK, the upcoming ‘Protect Duty’ consultation will look to place a legal responsibility on organisers of events and owners of venues to put adequate screening measures in place.

The challenge is how to adequately screen large numbers of people quickly and efficiently.

Westminster are at the forefront in working with organisations to develop mass screening solutions and the trials taking place in London are an opportunity for various organisations to witness advanced technology solutions, that can detect items likely to cause mass casualties, in action.

This state-of-the-art technology can screen thousands of people per hour, is completely unobtrusive and allows for the free flow of visitors into the venue. As a passive system, visitors will not be required to divest or open bags for inspection, unless indicated by the system.

Peter Fowler, Westminster’s Chief Executive Officer, commented

“Our mass screening solutions not only ensure all visitors are screened appropriately, it allows for faster entry and an improved user experience, for both the visitor and the security team.

“Mass screening is growing in importance, as the threat level for terrorist attacks rises, products designed to detect weapons and IED’s will be essential in both preventing these atrocious attacks and reducing the impact of one, should the worse happen.”

For the latest information on the UK’s Protect Duty Consultation visit:

To learn more about our Protect Duty initiative, click here. If you are responsible for a venue which would benefit from mass screening, and would like a demonstration or to see mass screening solutions in action, please submit a contact us form.