Westminster staff awarded Ebola medals

Westminster’s expat team who bravely and tirelessly maintained operations at Freetown International Airport during the Ebola crisis in West Africa have been awarded the UK Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa, known simply as the Ebola Medal.

The Ebola Medal is a service medal issued to the Armed Forces, and to civilians working either for Her Majesty’s Government or NGOs in support of the British Government’s response to the Ebola crisis that began in 2014. The qualifying period of service for award of the medal is from 23 March 2014 until 29 March 2016.

Commenting on the Medal award to Westminster’s staff Peter Fowler, Chief Executive of Westminster Group, said:

“I am delighted that the hard work, bravery and dedication of our ex-pat team, who worked beyond the call of duty to maintain operations and helped keep Freetown International Airport safe and open during the Ebola crisis in West Africa, has been recognised by the award of these medals.

“I am extremely proud of all our staff, both expat and local, who not only maintained full operations at the airport but also provided considerable assistance to the local community and visiting NGO’s fighting the crisis. It is a testament to the skill and bravery of our management team and staff that not only did we manage to maintain full employment of all our local staff, despite the fact that most airlines ceased to operate to the country, but also that we managed to keep all our staff safe and well throughout the crisis.

“The award of these medals to our staff is a well-deserved and fitting tribute to them all.”

Ebola Medals

Photo: Some of the WASS ex-pat team in Freetown with medals– from left to right: Michelle Sproule – Acting Deputy ASM, John Drummond ASM, Aileen Taylor – Training & Cargo Manager