Westminster Provide Cost Effective Solutions for Mobile Phone Detection This School Exam Season

Westminster have been working with a number of schools and education facilities to assist with the increasing issue of mobile phones being used in exam halls and within schools in general.

Westminster has a range of solutions to prevent mobile phones being taken into exams. Mobile phone use during exams is prohibited and as such, schools are required to implement adequate measures to prevent this from taking place.

Additionally, some school settings are prohibiting the use of mobile phones across the whole site in a bid to reduce bullying and anti-social behaviour – such as recording teachers, incidents, and other pupils. 

Mobile phone detection is a complex area, Westminster has extensive expertise in working with the detection, identification, and location of mobile phones through various methods. 

Ryan Mounsey, Business Development Manager at Westminster Group, said:

“It has become the norm for young people to have a mobile phone and so the risk of using these as aids in exams grows – with potentially more imaginative ways for them to be covertly brought into examinations. 

 Westminster is proud to offer a full solution and a range of products to suit all budgets”.

Our range of mobile phone detection solutions is vast, so feel free to contact our specialist team to assist you with your requirements, give advice on best practice, use cases and suitable solutions to meet your exact requirements and budgets: [email protected]