Westminster supply Merseyside Police with numerous Mobile Phone Detectors

Westminster have recently supplied Merseyside Police with a number of Mobile Phone Detectors. These detectors will be used by the police to stop mobile phones from entering the premises.

They ordered two different types of our mobile phone detectors, the WG MN Phone Detector and the WG WOL Mobile Phone Detector.

The MN Phone Detector is a close-range security scanner, designed to screen for concealed mobile phones, whether they are on, off, or with the battery removed. It is different to other mobile phone detectors, in that it scans for specific components that are common to all mobiles, rather than metal alone. This reduces false triggers such as watches and keys.

The WG WOL Mobile Phone Detector is a high-speed scanning receiver that utilises a multi-band direction antenna system in order to allow security personnel to locate nearby mobile phones in either standby mode or during active transmissions. The Detector identifies each phone by RF frequency, allowing for the detection and identification of multiple phones. It is the most sensitive mobile phone detector on the market, with an ability to detect up to 150 feet away when indoors and up to 1 mile outdoors.

These detectors are ideal for use in prisons, law enforcement agencies, courtrooms, and for any security details tasked with rapid scans of multiple targets.

Merseyside police will use these detectors to scan prisoners, visitors, and staff for any concealed mobile phones.

To find out more about the WG MN and the WG WOL Mobile Phone Detectors, or any of our other detectors, please visit the Detection page of our website or contact us at [email protected]