Westminster provide a number of Walk-By Metal Detectors to Mental Health Unit in Yorkshire

The WG Portable Walk-By Mobile Phone and Metal Detector is a rapid deployable solution for the detection of contraband items located on or within body cavities. The easy to deploy system has a throughput of 50-60people per minute. It can function in both horizontal and vertical positions in order to screen people and their belongings.

It can be placed out of view behind objects, doors and walls made of concrete, drywall, cinder block and steel studs. It is ideal for surprise and covert screenings. The unique single pole design and long-life battery provide the versatility of mobile searches at any location.

Westminster have recently provided a number of Portable Walk-By Mobile Phone and Metal Detectors to a healthcare trust in Yorkshire. These units will be supplied to a specialist secure mental health unit in Yorkshire and will help to scan visitors, patients and staff for mobile phones or any other metal contraband.

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