Westminster International Sponsors Roadex and Railex Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Group CEO Peter Fowler attends and Hosts VIP Luncheon on Sunday 28th November 2010

Westminster are world leaders in providing security, safety and Defence solutions, Peter adds since the formation of Westminster UAE we have seen a sharp increase in enquiries and project opportunities in the UAE, we are continually working hard to develop innovative solutions and are confident of securing contracts in early 2011.

The huge growth in transportation including Rail, Road, Sea and Air has made every Station, Port Terminal, Major Road, and Airport a terror target. These are now key areas where intense security is an absolute requirement.
Transportation is no longer considered safe but rather a potential liability that exposes all nations to the threat of terrorist attack and the destabilization of the civilized world.
Terrorism of course is not the only threat, criminal activity such as drug and contraband trafficking, money laundering, people trafficking, and fraud require specialised security solutions and in an age of elevated threat the identification of suspicious activity amongst passengers and users and staff in and surrounding transportation is imperative.
Westminster’s wide portfolio of Fire, Safety, Security and Defence solutions and expertise in the provision of security is helping to protect the travelling public throughout the world.
Westminster provides integrated security solutions to minimise these risks by implementing a combination of hi-tec security, Defence and safety equipment very often developed with its leading world wide manufacturers.
In many countries corruption and collusion can compromise security and to counter this Westminster can provide specialist and highly trained teams to run or monitor the Control Room either in country or at our International Monitoring Station in the UK
Westminster continue to been involved with many transportation based projects and boast a raft of experience in developing bespoke solutions, to that end we deliver innovative and versatile solutions to rail networks, train operating companies and government agencies throughout the World.
We develop, design, maintain, repair, renew and enhance the security infrastructure, making us a leading provider of specialist, end-to-end railway security infrastructure services. In an attempt to balance security and accessibility, rail companies have taken measured precautions to help prevent attacks.

These include searches of passengers and baggage and freight, increased presence of security officers, increased video surveillance, and encouraging passengers to report suspicious activity.

In light of this inherent vulnerability, many rail companies have sought to bolster their ability to react to emergencies in order to minimize the impact of an attack.

This includes emergency planning, hiring and training emergency personnel, and purchasing emergency equipment such as radios and associated specialist equipment. By mitigating the potential impact of an attack, experts say, rail companies could discourage some terrorists from targeting them.

One fundamental element to the efficiency of the rail network is to ensure reliability of service, spates of vandalism and cable theft within various parts of rail networks, impact to the infrastructure renders loss of revenue and lack of commitment by industry.

Road networks and infrastructure are the arteries of life and without them operating smoothly communities, countries and Nationals become paralyzed in the ability to operate. The vulnerability and exposure to this infrastructure is also very different to Rail networks that very often have a boundary or fence line to provide front line protection.

Our teams of specialists to that end take each road project on a project by project basis and develop a unique solution using a number of technologies to create and develop an intelligent picture.

This can include automatic number plate recognition, the tracking of vehicles, advance analytics and very often rapid deployable solutions, check points, barriers etc.

Traffic flow management and reporting systems and solutions can include the measurement of heat on brake drums and cars for the identification of over heating and fire, particularly important with tunnels and areas with flammable liquids.

Our teams provide not only the physical solution but provide enhanced and certified training to agencies and police forces around the world.

Effective security solutions are deployed to manage, monitor and support the mitigation of risk and Westminster has proven experience and a track record in working with its clients to develop such solutions.