Westminster Group provides Global Transport and Logistics Company with Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece Carriers

Westminster have recently supplied one of our existing customers, a global transport and logistics company, with Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece Carriers to use alongside the WG IS1818DV 320kV Dual View Pallet and Cargo Scanners that we have previously sold them.

The WG IS1818DV (320kV) Dual View Pallet and Cargo X-Ray Scanner is a powerful X-Ray Inspection System designed for screening heavy cargo at freight facilities, airports, ports, and customs centres. Its powerful dual generators provide the highest degree of steel penetration and image resolution of any cargo system of its size.

Exposed Wire Standard Test Pieces are specially designed to ensure that the performance requirements for X-Ray machines as required by the Department for Transport and the ECAC are met and maintained. The Exposure of the AWG wires results in clearer definition of the wires on the scanner’s screen.

An Exposed Wire Test Piece Carrier ensures that the Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece is at the correct height and position when running test scans.

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