Westminster Group Plc holds its annual staff BBQ

Westminster Group Plc hosted its annual staff barbeque over the weekend. The event kick-started on a warm summer’s day where the group and its subsidiary company’s staff members and their families joined.

Non-Executive Chairman Sir Malcolm Ross and the remainder of the group’s board were also in attendance. All those that attended were greeted with a seemingly infinite supply of barbeque food, cakes, wine and punch. Sir Malcolm was said to be "absolutely stuffed" by the end of the function – we trust he had a particularly smooth journey home!

To ensure the event was not short-lived, many of the staff brought their caravans along to ensure the lively entertainment went on until the late evening.

A bouncy-castle and a slide was also present for the staff’s children but various other members of staff were also spotted using them!

Chief Executive Peter Fowler commented "I’m glad to see all in attendance for a well deserved relaxing get-together. I think we are all grateful for the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful grounds that we have and to see it well utilised in such pleasant weather."

All good things come to those who wait… until next year then!