Product Portfolio – Detect, Mitigate and Defeat the Spread of Covid-19

Westminster has been dealing with unprecedented levels of enquiries for products connected with the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Westminster has a truly worldwide network of clients where everyone’s requirements and situations are different. Westminster has embarked on a concentrated effort to source the latest cutting edge technology to help detect, mitigate and defeat the spread of the Coronavirus using thermal applications and recognise the crucial fever symptom.

Westminster now has a comprehensive range of screening products some of which combine technology used before in the detection of metals and dangerous items with the detection of temperature, the added value and application provides an extra level of security to the end user.

The product range has the ability to perform mass screening through thermal cameras, contained screening with walk through dual metal and temperature detectors and individual screening with hand held body temperature cameras.

With there being little indication on when the pandemic will slow down, Westminster is constantly researching new products that have the ability to compliment the product range and help our clients Detect, Mitigate and Defeat the spread of Covid-19.

Coronavirus - Fever Detection