Westminster CEO, Peter Fowler, meets with his Excellency Dr. Kenneth Kaunda – First President of Zambia.

289_eng_321On Tuesday 9th September 2013 Westminster CEO, Peter Fowler, met and had lengthy discussions with the First President of Zambia, His Excellency Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in Lusaka, Zambia.

His Excellency Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, affectionately known as KK, was at the forefront of the African struggle for independence from European rule in the 1950’s and early 1960’s and who, with close contemporaries Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Nelson Mandela of South Africa, advocated peaceful resistance and it was his paramount desire to inculcate peace that has led to a legacy of peace that prevails among tribes in Zambia today.

KK became the 1st President of Zambia in 1964 and he served in that role for 27 years. Since leaving office he has been honoured with many awards for peace and like Mandela, KK is loved and highly respected, not just in Zambia but also by the people and leaders of many countries in the region who remember and recognise his contribution to their struggles for freedom and independence.

In May 2013 during its 50th anniversary in Addis Ababa the African Union (AU) honoured Kenneth Kaunda for the role he played in the liberation struggles in the southern African region. Since retirement he has continued to advocate peace and improve the lives of Africans through his Kenneth Kaunda Children of Africa Foundation.

During the discussions Kenneth Kaunda expressed admiration of and support for Westminster’s various security initiatives being undertaken in the region.

Photo: Westminster CEO, Peter Fowler, meeting with his Excellency Dr Kenneth Kaunda, First President of Zambia