Sovereign’s GM is Guest Speaker at the London International Maritime Human Rights 2016 Conference

Sovereign Ferries General Manager, Captain John Dalby, was invited as Guest Speaker at the recent International Maritime Human Rights 2016 Conference in London, having been a dedicated supporter of the Human Rights at Sea charity from its inception in 2015.

His presentation on the topic of “The Challenge of Migration: Stakeholder Response Strategies” dealt with the interaction and co-ordination of maritime assets and resources (including airborne platforms) in dealing with the current Mediterranean Migrant crisis.

John’s extensive seafaring and maritime experience spans more than 50 years. He has been a consultant to Lloyd’s of London, the Institute of London Underwriters and to US underwriters with regard to bulk cargoes (liquid and dry) and to vessels. He was a UK government-approved MARPOL surveyor and a recognised expert in shipping operations, risk management and loss control and fraud prevention in relation to oil and chemical, bulk grain and fertiliser cargoes.

Over the last 20 years, John has spoken at numerous conferences in New York, London, Paris and Monte Carlo and he is an acknowledged expert in his field.

John is the General Manager of Sovereign Ferries Ltd – a subsidiary of The Westminster Group PLC – and is stationed in Sierra Leone tasked with structuring, developing and co-ordinating Sovereign’s presence there. In that capacity he deals regularly with Government Ministers and Authorities in order to enhance the Country’s maritime transport strategy and capability by the use of Sovereign’s waterborne assets.