Sierra Queen – Video of Loading in Norway

Westminster’s managed services subsidiary, Sovereign Ferries, has released a short video of its new flagship ferry, Sierra Queen, being loaded on to the 3650 TDW Heavy Lift Vessel, M/V Eendracht ready for transportation to Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Sierra Queen a 200 passenger, 397 Gross Tonnage vessel required a specialist heavy lift vessel to transport her to Freetown in Sierra Leone and the M/V Eendracht was chosen for the purpose being one of the few available ships capable of lifting and transporting her to Freetown.

The loading exercise followed weeks of preparation and was expertly handled by the Eendracht crew and overseen by Sovereign’s lead captain Chris Hamer. The loading took place in Leirvik, Norway in perfect conditions over a long and sunny day in April 2015

A condensed video of the loading may be found here

Photo: Sierra Queen being loaded in Leirvic, Norway

Sierra Queen Loading