Satellite Station secured by Westminster

Westminster International announces that it has been awarded a contract to provide a high security perimeter intruder detection system (PID) to protect the Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd (NIGCOMSAT) main operating base station in Nigeria.

The contract, valued at circa $210,000, is to protect the high profile base against intrusion involving the installation of a high security detection system covering the 1.2km site perimeter that will detect any attempt to climb or penetrate the perimeter walls or fencing. The contract will commence immediately and be completed in Q4 2009

NIGCOMSAT is a leading communication satellite operator and service provider in Africa, operating the first geostationary communication satellite in Sub-Saharan African which has C, Ku, Ka and L bands. NIGCOMSAT is committed to effective delivery of secure, qualitative and value-added satellite services to Africans through a pan-African product, NigComSat-1.

Westminster was selected to undertake these sensitive works on the basis of its expertise in the area of perimeter security. The planning stage required detailed design works and intensive site surveys to ensure the most suitable solution was proposed for NIGCOMSTAT’s specific needs.

Commenting on the contract award Peter Fowler, Chief Executive of Westminster Group, said:

"I am delighted to be able to announce this latest contract award for West Africa. I am particularly pleased that Westminster has been selected to secure such a sensitive and important facility and it is a testament to our ability to design and provide complex solutions to protect our clients’ facilities worldwide.

"Nigeria is a country where we see significant growth potential so it is a significant step forward to be actively installing solutions and reinforcing our in-country credentials."