Product News – WG Window Blast Mitigation Blinds

Westminster Group Plc. Technology Division subsidiary Westminster International Ltd announces the launch of a range of Window Blast Mitigation Blinds. They are custom made and can be retro-fitted into an existing building or specified in new build projects with a range of products, venetian, vertical, opening sliding or fixed addressing exactly any customer needs.

In addition to this the blinds can be designed to fit the look of any domestic or commercial premises utilising different colours and finishes.

They have the benefits and aesthetics of a conventional window blind without the degrading looks of many other physical security systems, they provide security against forced entry as well as blast protection.

The closing of the blind is triggered by the forward force of the blast wave, the blind then absorbs the force of the pressure wave, stopping glass shrapnel and other blast debris from entering the building.

They have been tested for protection against 100kg and 500kg TNT Equivalent explosions and achieved the highest standards of accreditation, complying with the required exacting standards.

Westminster’s experience, expertise and international presence means Government and companies around the world, are able to procure specialist services and equipment from a known and trusted source with confidence.

Follow this link to the WG Window Blast Mitigation Blinds