Perimeter Detection System for High-Security Facility in Eastern Europe

Westminster International announces that it has secured a new contract for installation of a FOSS perimeter detection system to protect a high-security petrochemical facility in Eastern Europe.

The Westminster FOSS Perimeter Detection System is a fibre optic perimeter security detection and alarm locating system which detects intrusions to within 25 metres along perimeter fences up to 80km long. Multiple systems can be networked to monitor long distances such as national borders.

At the heart of the system is the intelligence built into the sensing controller, a laser beam is transmitted along the fibre optic cable and the returned signal is automatically monitored and analysed for disturbances.

This returned signal is intelligently processed to minimise false alarms, while still detecting and reacting to the smallest hostile event.

Simple and intuitive to use, the Westminster FOSS System delivers all of the information that security staff require, combined with the ability to interface and activate CCTV systems, lighting, gates, email, or a myriad of other external devices and systems.

The area or the zone where the alarm is triggered is instantly displayed onto a sitemap using bright icons, and events are automatically logged into a secure database.

A signal can then be sent via Ethernet directly to the security monitoring system (SMS), CCTV camera system, email system, or other external monitoring.