New Product Launch – Advanced X-Ray Hand Baggage Scanner

Westminster Group Plc announces that its subsidiary company Westminster International Ltd has launched a new advanced WG IS6241 Dual Energy X-Ray Baggage Scanner capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives and narcotics using unique 6 colour software which significantly enhances the operator’s ability to identify suspicious items.

The WG IS6241DE features a unique display that rotates through 7 images, each showing the same bag at a distinctive, unique vantage point, enhancing the operator’s 3D awareness and overall depth perception; items that may have been hidden in one view become clearly visible in another.

The surround view technology successfully heightens the operator’s image interpretation and object identification while speeding throughput and reducing the need for a secondary search.

The WG IS6241DE has a tunnel size of 62.1cm width and 41.7 cm height that will easily accommodate the inspection of hand luggage and parcels.

For use by Airports, Border Guards, Commercial Security Companies, Customs & Excise, Police, Post Rooms, Seaports and Security Forces.

Follow this link to see this new product: WG IS6241DE (Dual Energy) X-Ray Hand Baggage Scanner