New Distribution Agreement for Biometric Access Control in Middle East & Africa

Westminster Group Plc is pleased to announce that it has secured distribution rights for OmniPerception ( facial recognition products in African and Middle East territories through its subsidiary Westminster International.

OmniPerception’s facial recognition solutions include CheckPointTM access control, ColossusTM facial search engine and BPac® mobile biometric capture device among others.

CheckPointTM facial biometric access control is ideally suited to organisations and businesses requiring enhanced security, guaranteeing verified identity to improve security to all businesses. It has been proven to be superior to other means of identifications that rely upon cards, PINs, passwords, or personal information electronically stored and retrieved for positive identification.

ColossusTM facial search engine can process a database of 8 million faces in one second. ColossusTM recognises facial images from a wide range of visual sources including those from camera, CCTV, E-Fit and mobile phone or portable devices.

BPac® mobile biometric capture device can acquire, store and process facial, fingerprint and iris biometric data.  A feature-rich, fully-functional solution, BPac® comes in a rugged ultra portable personal computer. Designed with input from the military, it can be used for both enrolment and verification applications, where the identity of subjects needs to be checked and verified.

Markets for these products include banking, transport & travel, government and law enforcement, where they are used primarily for the prevention of identity fraud and other criminal activities.

OmniPerception’s products incorporate world leading face recognition technology, that brings fast and accurate performance in a wide range of face activated biometric applications. The uniquely powerful core technology uses more than 750 man-years of research to provide reliable, robust and accurate facial recognition. It does this by analysing the facial features of an individual to create a unique identifier which can be electronically stored and retrieved for positive identification.

Westminster International has an extensive distribution network through its international agents.  It expects these products to be popular with national security agencies across the Middle East and Africa.

Commenting on the agreement Shires Crichton, Sales Director of Westminster International, said:

“Our clients across Africa and the Middle East have recognised both the significant challenges that identity verification can bring and the extraordinary capability of the software OmniPerception provide. We foresee significant demand, especially in the homeland and travel security sectors.”

Stewart Hefferman, CEO at OmniPerception added:

“I am delighted that OmniPerception and Westminster International have signed this important agreement.  Africa and the Middle East represent important markets for OmniPerception’s products.  With Westminster’s experience and knowledge in these geographies, we are confident that this partnership will be a cornerstone to our future success together.”